How Zindeo Deodorant Eliminates Odor:

By neutralizing the odor-causing bacteria, Zindeo deodorant removes odor origin, so it does not contain odorous odor-covering ingredients.

Zindeo is free of aluminum and its compounds.

Aluminum is often added to deodorant formulations as it has the effect of clogging pores. It has been shown to be absorbed by the skin directly into the body and associated with an increased risk of developing tumors and breast cancer.

Zindeo has almost no smell.

Zindeo deodorant is also developed for the most sensitive skin, without essential oils. It contains only extracts from herbs, so we can ensure that deodorants are free of allergens.

Are ZINDEO vegan products?

Yes, they are vegan, not tested on animals. They do not contain lactic acids, lactose neither honey.

Use of deodorants:

Because Zindeo deodorants are so effective, they does not need to be used every day. Apply a small amount when you feel it is necessary.
At the beginning of the use of Zindeo deodorant, follow the 48-hour detox period without using any deodorant or antiperspirant. For washing use Zindeo natural salt soap that increases the effectiveness of deodorants.

Why is detox necessary?

Changed underarm microflora using commercial deodorants or antiperspirants causes excessive production of harmful bacteria that contribute to even more intense odor when you stop using these products. Simple detox gets the bacteria back into balance, it’s beneficial not only to cleanse the underarm from accumulated toxins, but it also helps to reduce the volume and smell of sweat.

Can teenagers safely use ZINDEO?

Increased sweating begins to appear in puberty. Zindeo is free of any allergens, so it’s a safe deodorant for teens.

Are Zindeo deodorants safe for use in pregnancy?

Zindeo deodorants do not contain essential oils or any other allergens. The deodorant cream is dermatologically tested.