Katarína D – November 23, 2017
I recommend these products. My husband really loves Zindeo cream. We are overly satisfied 🙂
Lívia P. – December 13, 2017

Thank you, this anti-odorant cream is GREAT … a T-shirt or a sweater is also possible to use the next day or a third day without undesirable odor, before using ZINDEO it was not possible. I only use it one day and I see the results.
Silvia M. – December 15, 2017

Salt soaps Zindeo are great for my skin. Soaps are light, my skin is not oily, nor dry. Very harmonious. After washing, my skin feels refreshed. I also greatly appreciate organic raw materials, the therapeutic effect is real, not just proclaimed. The soap is an indispensable part of our home. We use salt soap not just for using on body but also for washing our hands, maybe it’s “too expensive”,  but I did not find anything that would replace zindeo salt soaps. Salt soaps last for a long time. I recommend all soap variations, my favorite is “spa” smelling like a sea. Thank you for the lot of love you put to your products. I wish everything wonderful from my heart.
Tyger.sk – jún 5 2018

The anti-odorant cream is applied as a hard cream to the underarm and leaves a white coating at first, but it disappears over time. Its effect increases with the use of natural salt soaps. We applied Zindeo antiodorant cream once a day during the days of very intense sports activity, when we did not even have enough spare clothing available it succeeded perfectly. There was not even room for application to completely clean armpits. No odor, no skin irritation, no sticking. On clothing, because of its hard consistency, it might leave some white layer, but it washes out without problems.
Dominika B. – August 23, 2017

Yesterday, I tried the anti odorant cream when on the family gathering – barbecue, not only myself but also my brother used it. I even persuaded my father and it really works perfectly – I am very satisfied, I am certainly your customer. Thank you, it’s perfect, and I will also include the salt soap in my next order 🙂 🙂
Stano D. January 24, 2017

I have discovered the natural product Deodorant Zindeo thanks to other Vonai products. After testing and using Vonai products, different types of soaps and balms, I have been looking for a reliable natural-based deodorant product with no chemical additives. Anti odorant Zindeo has a soft-like consistency. Cream consistency allows easy application of antiodorant to the skin under the arm.
The antiodorant cream does what I expected from the product. It removes the odor from the decomposing of the sweat. It does not overlap with the added scent, but deodorizes the odor with its unique formula that helps keep the microflora in the armpit in balance. Deodorant does not stop sweating! Antiodorant Zindeo helps to better manage sweating in the armpits and its consequences. It leaves no trace of the garment, so shirt shirts will remain in the underarm of the same color as elsewhere. Some deodorants cause hardening of underarm garments, which devalues the garment, and in the case of Zindeo antiodorant cream I did not notice this phenomenon during use. Zindeo’s composition is so fine that children of teenage age can also use it. My 13-year-old son, uses Zindeo cream and is happy with it. I recommend  Zindeo cream for all people who are looking for a deodorant on a natural base without added perfume and want to sweat without fear of feeling body odor all day.
Lenka Š. – July 15, 2017
I tested the cream on a two-day tour in the heat 😀 and did not disappoint,  no odor in the underarm, I recommend 🙂
Kamila – July 4, 2017
Excellent deodorant, I am very happy with it, it has lasted me for at least half a year. It definitely pays back to invest in a quality product. Pleasant subtle scent but at the same time I can use perfume. Indeed, it prevents odor in the armpits, I strongly recommend … 🙂
Tomáš D. August 17, 2017

I recommend ZINDEO antiodorant cream – I already use it all at home
Martina K. – July 15, 2017

This deodorant is great, I think it’s perfect! Naturally, without any scents, it does not have any trace on clothing
Pali M. – Jun 20, 2017

I think Zindeo antiodorant is the most gentle deodorant. You use just a little bit of the product, and you can be sure that you will stay body odar free for all day. In addition, this is exclusive bio-product as well as all the cosmetics from this manufacturer. Quality, honest and precise work. I am very pleased that such natural simple cosmetics can be bought and I recommend everyone to switch to such products. Although the price seems to be higher, the opposite is true. Concentrated content will last much longer than normal deodorants or antiperspirants I’ve used before.